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Production Manager

Responsible for keeping a film project on track. Must be very organized and capable of gathering and presenting information to producers, managers, coordinators, production assistants, as well as artists.

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Storyboard Artist

Our Storyboard artists take scripts of any format and translates them into visual snapshots that all artists can understand. Scripts use the written word to take an audience through a very personal experience using emotions, characters, environments and even controlling the speed/pace of delivery. Only the truly skilled Storyboard artist can transform these elements from words to illustration for the entire production team to follow, produce and captivate the audience.

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2D Digital Animator

Animators are judged for their fundamental understanding over key characters, props, behaviours, skills and talents such as comedy, dialogue, song & dance, action, men, women, children, animals, charm, simplicity, sympathy, etc. In addition, animators must show high level of technical skills and ability.

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Digital Designer

Responsible for the creation of Location, props, fx and character designs for production. Designers consider the script/ treatment as they visually explore the design concept for a given project. Designer have a rich imagination, a sense of caricature and design, strong color sense, a mastery of human and animal anatomy, architecture, the ability to work in different mediums and the versatility to conceptualize visually in a variety of techniques are required.

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CG Animator

Animators are judged for their fundamental understanding of movement in men, women, animals and any type of characters. An animator makes full use of props, environments, script and dialogue to deliver behaviours, skills and talents such as comedy, song & dance, action, charm, simplicity, sympathy, etc.

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3D Modeller / Rigger

Our Modeling team creates intricate models specifically designed for the style and tone of the production. Modelers are responsible for the successful transition of flat 2D designs or concepts into three-dimensional models. Modeler must understand the technical requirements throughout the production process and be efficient, reliable and to scale allowing for easier rigging, texturing, lighting and animation, compositing and rendering.

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The compositing artist combines visual elements from separate sources into single images, often to create the illusion that all those elements are parts of the same scene. They are responsible for constructing the final image by combining layers of previously created material. Although it is primarily a 2D role within the 3D world of CGI and VFX (Visual Effects), Compositors need a thorough understanding of the CG process combined with relevant artistic skills.

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Responsible for perspective and composition of every shot. Layout Artists must set up and stage the scene that animators will use to deliver a quality performance. Layout requires an understanding of fundamental principles of Cinematography to understanding concepts of place and environment.

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Animator Director

Animator Directors are responsible for responding to producer needs and communicating these needs while leading and coordinating the animation team. The role requires the ability to recruit, select and build strong animation teams.

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Lip synching is the art of making an animated character appear to speak in a prerecorded track of dialogue.

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A Texture Artist will determine the surface qualities of each 3D modeled character, object and environment. Texturer’s must be able to envision what textures will create an appealing surface for a 3D computer model. Texture artists must be both artistically creative and proficient with industry software.

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Art Director / Matte Painter

Art Direction and matte painting require similar skill sets. Art Directors and matte painters must have a good all round knowledge of interior design and architecture as well as a practical understanding of building and construction. Matte painting specifically is a painted representation of a landscape, set, or distant location that allows for the illusion of an environment that would otherwise be too expensive or impossible to build or visit.

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Special Effects

VFX artists create, add or even remove elements both natural and supernatural for use in film. Visual Effects are responsible for making every scene believable and is a major factor in the overall mood of the story. An Effects Animator must take direction easily, work well with an artistic team and deliver scenes in a timely fashion.Please email your resume, portfolio/demo reel link and cover letter explaining why you feel you would be a great fit: create@pipelinestudios.com

(Please ensure that you state the position you are applying for in the “subject” line of your email.)


Responsible for adding the lighting that creates atmosphere, realism, tone and depth to a scene; visually balancing each element in each scene to enable the compositors to produce a convincing image. Lighting Technical Directors/ Lighters need to work closely with the Rendering and Compositing teams to meet the production requirements. Must use technical skill and aesthetic judgment in order to create images that not only look good but are easy to render.

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Technical Director

Supervise and, if needed, create a production's render pipeline and supporting proprietary production techniques. They monitor and troubleshoot the render queuing system and rendering workload from a few computers to a major render farm of, possibly, a thousand machines. Tasks include troubleshooting and correcting failed tasks, image quality control, technical advice/support and interfacing with artists, systems administrators and production management to ensure production deadlines are met.

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