Responsible for adding the lighting that creates atmosphere, realism, tone and depth to a scene; visually balancing each element in each scene to enable the compositors to produce a convincing image. Lighting Technical Directors/ Lighters need to work closely with the Rendering and Compositing teams to meet the production requirements. Must use technical skill and aesthetic judgment in order to create images that not only look good but are easy to render.

Skills and Responsibilities:

  • Understanding and skilled in use of computer animation packages, particularly Maya.
  • ability to light characters and environments, interior & exterior, different times of day, etc
  • strong sense of light and shadow demonstrated by artwork, photography, theatre, film or CG work;
  • knowledge of colour theory (Art History can be useful);
  • an understanding of composition and the ability to enhance mood by lighting;
  • good working knowledge of 2D Paint software and various industry-standard rendering programmes, such as Renderman and Mental Ray
  • good working knowledge of palettes
  • ability to do UV mapping;
  • good understanding of maths and physics;
  • understanding of the principles of cinematography including depth of field, density, use of filters;
  • Ability to problem solve;
  • ability to communicate with colleagues and work as part of a team;
  • ability to take direction and willingness to address comments and make changes;
  • ability to work with a minimum of supervision and capacity to function as team leader, if required;
  • ability to deliver on schedule, working under pressure if required;
  • respect for the procedures and requirements of a particular studio, production or pipeline:
  • knowledge of the requirements of the relevant Health and Safety legislation and procedures

How To Apply

Please email your resume, portfolio/demo reel link and cover letter explaining why you feel you would be a great fit:

Please ensure that you state the position you are applying for in the “subject” line of your email.