Storyboard Artist

Our Storyboard artists take scripts of any format and translates them into visual snapshots that all artists can understand. Scripts use the written word to take an audience through a very personal experience using emotions, characters, environments and even controlling the speed/pace of delivery. Only the truly skilled Storyboard artist can transform these elements from words to illustration for the entire production team to follow, produce and captivate the audience.

Skills and Responsibilities:

  • Very strong drawing skills.
  • Traditional animation experience a plus
  • Be able to create a visualization of one or more scenes in still images  in a vivid and dynamic way that matches the scripts
  • Work closely with directors to help understand and achieve their vision.
  • Strong understanding of tv and  filmmaking production pipeline.
  • Production experience with 2D animation software as Harmony software preferred.
  • Ability to follow direction quickly, understand and adapt intuitively to different styles.
  • Excellent time management and coordinating skills so that communication is seamless and the artists get exactly what they need on time.

How To Apply

Please email your resume, portfolio/demo reel link and cover letter explaining why you feel you would be a great fit:

Please ensure that you state the position you are applying for in the “subject” line of your email.