We Develop, Produce, and Distribute
Award-Winning Kids Content

We join forces with leading networks and partners, to empower our artists
and world-class technical talent to creatively bring great stories to life.
Wowing audiences one show at a time.

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Pipeline Studios is a creative driven studio, with a focus on development, production, and distribution of award-winning kids and family content for a global audience. Let’s create something great together.


    Pipeline Studios is where creative talent and cutting-edge technology merge to empower passionate, diverse, and highly motivated teams with a common goal of telling engaging stories and produce award-winning content.

    Our industry recognized and driven development team, Pipeline’s creative engine, known as ‘Stingray’ is always ready to be challenged and collaborate on fresh, creative and innovative ideas that maximize marketability and establish successful brands.


    We attract top talent from across the globe to drive great storytelling, and bring world-class production values, leading edge technologies and processes together in seamless harmony.

    We offer our partners the entire range of Production options. From Concept Development, Script, Casting/Records, Pre-production, Storyboard, Design, Animation, Music, Post, Packaging, in all workflows: CG, 2D, Hybrid, Stop Motion and Live Action. We are fully equipped to help you achieve award-winning creative excellence.


    Pipeline Studio's global presence has resulted in key partnerships that allow our brands to reach over 450 million homes. We understand the effort and dedication that goes into producing high quality content and we designed a distribution strategy to access audiences that are loyal and engaged.

    We are always looking to expand our programming with amazing stories that our audiences will enjoy.

Pipeline Studio Family


  • Luis Lopez – CEO
  • Juan Lopez – President and CFO
  • Javier Lopez – EVP Global Operations
  • Amy Robson – VP Production
  • Darin Bristow – VP Development
  • Jennifer Burkitt – VP Digital
  • Angelica Lopez – VP Operations
  • Andrew Turkstra – Financial Controller
  • Moses Mehraban – Director of Marketing
  • Catalina Escobar – Director of Distribution
  • Maira Mendoza – Director of HR


Pipeline Studios Partners
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